Voluntarily Mute

I have been diagnosed with S.A for 1 year. It started for me about 4 years ago during a really rough time in my life, was extremely depressed and eventually became voluntarily mute for 3 years of my life and never spoke a word, even to my parents. After realizing that it wasn't't going to go away my parents put me into a therapy, i started talking again and that was a real challenge believe me, but now i really have a horrible time when it comes to any type of social situation. Because i chose not to speak for 3 years my social skills degraded to the point where it wasn't't just the fact that i didn't't want to speak, it was that i had no idea how to actually have a conversation with somebody. I just can't seem to connect with other people when having a conversation, i always just feel like i'm not really there or talking to them and i still can't be around groups of people because i just "shut down" and can't talk to them, too many people being around me at once scare me.
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yea...i wishmore people would understand the socializing is a skill, its not something just comes naturally....if my parents wouldve realized that, i wouldve been much happier. <br />
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i know how it feels to be mute...except i end up just talking to myself. its like..my words are switched. when im sposed to talk i dont, and and when im alone, i could talk for hours. i was pretty much lie that in hs.<br />
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am interested in website posted above...

good advise from johnny88, also raiven one thing I can suggest which might help you out. Go to http://www.healsocialanxiety.com/ it has some very interesting and helpful reading material which may help. Also the site has 3 phone conferences (I believe are toll free) on wednsdays, saturdays, and sundays where fellow SAD sufferers gather, read, and talk to eachother about their problems, they don't require you to talk at all and everyone is very understanding of each other because they know why everyone is there.

Sometimes I feel like a complete idiot, because no matter how hard I try I just have absolutely nothing to say and no ideas at all. I just don't. So I sit there, listening.

At least now you are online and starting to opening up about the things you have trouble with. :-)<br />
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Not talking at all for 3 years will be a challenge for most people.