Growing Up With Anxiety

It was the summer of 1982, the big movie in the cinemas at the time was E.T. I was a little boy, only 5 years old. I can remember standing in the queue to go and see E.T; it felt like we stood in that line for an eternity.

The reason I remember it so well is because apart from being uncomfortable standing for so long to go into the movies, my stomach was beginning to hurt, the pain I was experiencing was similar to a cramp.

A few days later I became very ill, my mother took me to see the doctor and he did a few tests on me, afterwards told my mother there was nothing physically wrong with me. He also told her that my mind was creating the problem, have you ever heard the expression “worry yourself sick?”

I don’t actually recall the doctor telling my mother it was my mind creating the situation, (she told me this years later). But what I do remember from that time was being sweaty, bed ridden and sick. I just wanted it to go stop. I didn’t really know what was going on at the time, I now understand that I was experiencing a high level of anxiety and this was severely impacting on my physical well-being.

To be continued...
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31-35, M
Jul 19, 2010