Ok, so i absolutely hate going outside, and being seen. i dont like being in large crouds, small spaces and i despise having to talk in fron t of people. i get nervouse, sweaty, tremble, stutter, blush and feel like im about to vomit. i hate it. i always feel like people are looking at me and judging me, i can see it in their eyes. it sucks, ill tell ya that. i hate having all eyes on me....ugh! im just not a people person, aat least not out there...in the real world.
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man, thanks for the comments, you guys are a big help, nice to know im not alone in this.

Good lord ! Am i glad to knw dat i am not alone in having social anxiety ! .. I hd begun to think dat ppl like me dont exist .. Reading ur post n comments, i heaved a sigh of relief to knw i m not alone :) .. I hate large crowds, gatherings .. N i avoid parties like d plague ! .. Wild horses cudnt drag me there ! .. I fumble n start sweating whn i m in such gatherings...

I know what you mean too!! I hate going out where I can be seen or being in the center of attention. Even talking to a cashier or waitress made me nervous because they're looking at me. I always think I'm being judged.<br />
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I guess what I do is I just keep telling myself that it's kind of silly to think that everyone is judging me. I keep reminding myself of just how many people the average person sees a day. I mean, this person I'm walking by may be looking at me kind of funny right now, but he's not going to remember me the next day. I'm always afraid of making a fool out of myself in front of others, but I keep telling myself that I'm probably the only one who thinks I'm silly, and that most people probably won't notice that I did something weird. If I can obviously tell that someone is judging me, I just try to ignore it, because that person probably isn't going to matter in the long run, and it's their loss that they are making assumptions about me when they do not know me at all. :] Mostly I just try to think positively of people and assume that they are not judging me, and I try to treat everyone nicely because most people respond to kindness with kindness. <br />
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Sorry, I'm not sure if this is helpful at all, but trust me, it's the little constant self-assurances that help! :) Just keep reassuring yourself! It's hard at first but it gets easier! Good luck!