Sweat A Lot

My biggest problem with social anxiety is that I sweat a lot. I am somehow nervous when I'm around people - it doesn't matter if they're people I see quite often like my classmates or if they're new people to me. I honestly sweat all the time, I can't help it. I can only wear clothes that doesn't show sweat, so basically black or striped clothes. I feel really limited because I can't really wear what I want, I always have to think that people will see my sweat.
I am also thinking how could I ever possibly have a boyfriend if I'm sweating so much. Any similar expereinces or advices?
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The thing is the boys who respond to it can suck. i have had one guy be like in one he thought was a helpful way, "you have sweat stains".. and i was like um, im putting my jacket back on! lol. And then another guy who tried to flirt around and kind of feel me up, felt my sweat. ..Pretty embarrassing lol. But the way he reacted to it was kind of like aw ur sweating. idk. but I still don't think sweating, is reason to judge character. Besides everyone else is as human as we are, and have their own issues and faults. There could definitely be worst things than some sweat. (which I'm sure will go away once u get rly comfortable with someone)

I have the same thing, and it caused my my anxiety and my adhd medication. my adhd medication kind of speeds me up, but also gives anxiety. since I am a socially anxious person this doesn't help much. but I remember when i got put on Zoloft, I got less sweating issues. to be honest, the sweating has come back, and im wondering if it's because of anxiety depression still.(anxiety and my adhd medication odor not go together lol.) i would say start up yoga and meditation, that will have you feeling more "in control" of your body, it could help as well, too as exercise since exercise can help alleviate anxiety. (particularly running)

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I too suffer from social anxiety.. I feel mine is really bad because all I do is sweat profusely in my face (I don't think there is anything more embarrassing ... I feel weak and pathetic when it happens. No one knows I go through this almost everyday.. Not even my wife, as I always have to find different ways to hide (for example, wearing a hat/cap everywhere I go)... It's a good thing I am going bald... So people close to ^me think that is why I always wear a hat. I really don't know how to get rid of this (is it even possible?)... As when I am not able to wear a hat.. Like when at work... It is just horrible an I feel there is no escape.

I have social anxiety and had exactly the same problem from the time I was about 8 years old until my early twenties now I am 25 and even though I still have bad anxiety the excessive sweating has pretty much stopped and only really happens if I have to give a speech.

I feel for you, I'm exactly like that, but on top of that my mouth gets dry, not fun.

The excessive sweating is a condition called Hyperhydrosis. Look it up online..My hyperhidrosis occurs in my palms and feet soles. I dread meeting new people where I have to shake a hand, because I know that I will have to shake hands and possibly gross them out. In my case, there is surgery for it but it can be around 7k....still considering it. However, a few years ago I got a prescription for an anti anxiety medicine and took it for over a year; It was a miracle cure for the sweating!! It also helped me relaxed to where I was not bound by the irrational thoughts stemming from the anxiety. I had to stop due to pregnancy, but the ability to rationalize thoughts better in a social situation improved incredibly, so I stil benefit from it. I learned how to think differently I guess. Now I still have to deal with the sweaty hands in social or anxious situations..

Sweating is natural, just goes to show how nervous you get. People you see everyday should not judge you for that, if they do they must have skipped a lesson in science class and common sense. If you're nervous you're nervous, don't beat yourself up saying you will never have a boyfriend. There are people that exist who look past through appearance or sweat and those that don't are shallow and stupid. <br />
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I get sweaty hands when i'm nervous and I don't drive people away.