Trouble Socializing Thats Me


it takes along time to say the next thing I wonder maybe its the wrong thing to say or what should I say .dont want to hurt her feelings or say something that will end the friendship before it even starts. i can read but in front of others I GET TO ANXIOUS AND NERVOUS ,START READY TO FAST AND GET OUT OF BREATH CLOSER AND CLOSER TO AN ANXIETY ATTACK THE MORE I CONTINUE READING. HOW CAN I GET OVER THIS?

smokinjoe36 smokinjoe36
41-45, M
1 Response Dec 29, 2007

just remember they are just people to, and alot of them are just as nervious as you. one to one , make a nice comment on what attracted you in the first place. or something thats around you at the time (music ect.). for a group find a pair of kind eyes and talk mainly to them , if your lucky you can find more then one pair and divide your time between them.