I Know What You Mean

believe me when i say i know  what your talking about .. i have  it so bad ..... its getting worse i dont like to talk to people  face to face  and now i am getting where i dont even want to talk on the phone , i dont like going places b/c i dont like people looking at me . so what should we do ?  what is there to do ?????? its really a phobia

i have the name of it its agoraphobia

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4 Responses Oct 19, 2006

Maybe you could look at going on an outward bounds course as they are for building confidence and teamwork experience.

I had agoraphobia about being on the phones at work. It was dead silent in there all day every day, and people could hear your converstations.... I had a panick attack once, and cried my eyes out to my boss b/c he made me make a call. hahaha. sorry I have to laugh at myself. <br />
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I did something about it i quit that job lol. Not b/c of that reason tho, but defitnly a huge contribution to my decision. <br />
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I believe congnitive behavior is the answer! It has to do with all the negative thoughts you don't even realize you are putting in your head.

Take little steps and reward yourself when you achieve them. I have had social anxiety and find it gets better with practice. Try not to worry about how you sound or act. Nobody is perfect.

i almost had agoraphobia so i know what you mean truly!! i have panic disorder and i take meds. talking with people i don't know is extremely hard, i would way rather talk on the phone than in person . my face usually goes red or something stupid. social anxiety is the pits. a good phsychiatrist, maybe meds and alot of hard work and determination.