Children Can Be Cruel

When I was 9 my parents moved us from a large city to a little farm town in the middle of nowhere.  At first when I found out we were moving I wasn't really thrilled, after all I had a lot of friends where we were, but then my parents told me I'd see snow.  Okay so I had, until that point, lived in the south and we were moving north.  The snow got me and I was very excited.  School had already started when we moved and so I was coming into a new school 2weeks after the start of the year.  My first day I dropped everything in the parkinglot and by the end of the first week I found out that it wasn't going to be as fun as I thought.  I didn't have the right uniform, so I had to wear my uniform from my old school and the kids made fun of me.  That's not all they made fun of.  I had a very thick southern accent and while my sister (who was a freshman in highschool that year) was being drooled over by everyone because of her accent, the kids my age were treating me like I had some sort of speech problem and belonged in a "special school".  Most of the kids would follow me around making fun of my speech or barking at me, or even just out right call me ugly.  It died down after the first month or two, but then I got hit with the bird poop.  Yep, our school was a regular roost for pigeons and I got hit on a regular basis with the stuff.  After a few months I managed to make a few friends and learned to keep my mouth shut (litterally, I didn't say anything until 8th grade and it freaked them out when I did because they thought I was mute).  I never was really accepted there, even though I ended up graduating with that same class 8 years later.  I was always treated like an outsider, like I was stupid, and the only thing they really remember about me was that I was what the birds hit on a regular basis.  I now have four children of my own, my oldest is a teenager and he's amazing and knows who he is (for the most part), and he goes against the flow and he's proud of that.  My 11yo is very much a sheep and wants to be liked and has a lot of bad days at school because somebody makes fun of him.  When he has days like that I just hug him and tell him that it'll all be over soon and that he knows he's a cool kid and that's what he needs to remember, not what the "in crowd" says.   I guess it's something we all go through in our lives, being the subject of ridicule, and it's what shapes us into who we are as adults.  Ugh! I'm so glad I'm not a kid anymore.
Jennaflower Jennaflower
36-40, F
Jan 22, 2008