You'll Never Know

One would never guess that I have social anxiety, for I hide it quite well. I refrain from a nervous laugh and stutter, I look people in the eye when speaking, and I have excellent diction. On the outside, I appear calm and confident.. And sometimes I truly am. But there are those occasions when a social interaction literally leaves me shaking, for I was so nervous and pent-up.
I am not sure why this occurs, or if and how it will stop, but for now it is something I must deal with on a day to day basis.
Vellamo Vellamo
18-21, F
4 Responses Feb 25, 2011

This is the same for me i can't really catergorize it, sometimes i'm up and sometimes i'm down and it takes a few mintues to control it.

Haha! Jimmy, you're hilarious. Thank you for your comments! They make a lot of sense.

Well, I somehowe found a way to forget half of what I wanted to add... :D<br />
I wanted to add that perhaps it's not so much a social anxiety, but a sense of vulnerability thanks to sometimes feeling insecure.<br />
About looks, capabilities, I don' know... could even be about your place and/or role in life or a relationship.<br />
On a personal level, it could be a matter of trust and ecouragement. On a social level more of the same. It's all a question of accepting who and what you are...

I guess it depends on with whom you're 'interacting' I guess. if it's someone who intimidates you, or does 'something' to you...<br />
A lot of the interaction between people happens on a subconscious level. Smells, looks, body language. At the same time the senses kick-in also, adding to the mix.<br />
Your own inner state also playes a role. Sometimes you can feel more vulnerable than other times, by the kind of clothes you wear, shoes, jewelry; the expactations of how someone will react to you as a person or by how you are dressed, etc. ...<br />
Laguage used is also a factor, the way you're being spoken to...