Ugh, Isolation Hate Socializing

I tend to isolate. I stay inside. I avoid people in 3D. Feel no one wants me. I am sooo akward. Why would someone want to socialize with me? No one does. Have family who comes when they need something and thats it. Have online friends but that feels safer they don't really know me. Scared, someone will look at me and run.


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I also struggle with social anxiety. With counselling and medication I have gotten a lot better. I am on the highest dose of Paxil (used for social anxiety) there is and I still freak out. My mom has told me that I have been this way even as a baby and a young child. I would be that brat screaming at the top of her lungs in the shopping cart, and then calms down when we are outside in the car and away from all the people. I used to worry about people judging me, and making fun of me, and still do. Public transportation was next to impossible. I forced myself to go out even if it was just for counselling. A change of environment is good too. Maybe go to another neighborhood or just take a walk. I know that may seem hard. Maybe even have a conversation with the mail man, or try to meet up with a good friend in a nice soothing neutral area like a bookstore or something. It will get better, don't stress out too much about it. :)

Me too, I get this way sometimes, you feel like a freak and everyones out to judge you or get you, but you must open your eyes and see all the other people around you, we are all different in our own way. There will always be someone younger, more successful or prettier than you, but there is also many, many, many worse off. Sometimes when I am feeling this way, I look around me and laugh at all the idiots out there functioning in society, if they can do it, so can I? then I think...Why can't they make a better pill for this? haha <br />
Hang in there, it comes and goes in phases, you will find your motivation again, and hopfully some new friends who appriciate you and understand your true feelings.

god if only we all new eachother...we called leave the house huddled together and wed all be friends for life all 1000 of us...but we are too busy hiding to find eachother

Rachel..your post has been viewed 1000x's. so many people struggle with this, including me.

this is exactly my issue. I once didnt leave the house for 3mths..I am now in counselling and taking some medication. I have to talk myself into leaving the house if even for a walk alone. I am really determined to fight this. I hope that you get through this step by step.

Hey sunny, just wanted to know what medication did the doc put you on? Was it lorazepam? Because there's something which i've been doing which is causing me more trouble than before! I've been taking lorazepam secretly, while it takes care of the anxiety, i find myself with low energy levels and dont want to be reliant on this med, the after effects of withdrawal causes MORE anxiety. I know its a stupid decision to take this kind of medication without seeing a doctor. Lol But when the anxiety is so high.. what else are you supposed to do?

Always glad to know your not alone. <br />
<br />
Thank you, wish you best of luck.

always hard to find sm1 who truly understands me i knw