I Felt Like Everyone Was Staring At Me

Yea I felt like everyone was staring at me today,that or either trying hard not to look at me,and not in the goood way before and then I came home and I was like do I look werid today how does my makeup look I wish nobody ******* stared at me,and then I was talking to one of my friends and then he was all you shoudl have said "what are you looking at?" lol but then I would just come off as an even more paranoid nut
18-21, F
6 Responses May 6, 2011


aww its good to know this side of you mr.secret identity lol hahaha and who's planning on becoming a counselor?? you oh thats right lol haha with the mail order degree lol haha jk but yea i want to do something in that field too

I know thats the worst part like passing by people and yea your right,eventhough I think there thinking bad stuff,they all cant possibly be doing that lol it just feels that way and thats what kills me

I get how you feel entirely. I find it difficult to leave the house for worrying about what people will think. Even though I know that everyone can't be thinking bad things about me and that nobody is really looking at me I still feel as though I'm being judged by everyone I pass by. It's yuck!

I know lol actually talking to yourself or thinking to yourself could soemtimes help

I know how you feel as I have anxiety as well. I get all paranoid sometimes worried that something is going to happen. When I go to the stop to keep from thinging or wondering if people are looking at me I just talk to myself as if I'm thinking outload trying to find the things I"m looking for..