I Get Super Nervous Around Big Groups Of People


1. I worry about what others think of me or my appearance
2. I've already come to a conclusion that people think I'm a loser
3. I'm afraid of not being able to handle the spotlight or keeping a conversation going
4. I'm afraid of awkward moments and people putting me on the spot
5. I'm 5'8 &  when I wear heals I feel awkward and afraid to talk to a big group of people

The majority of my social anxiety comes from the fear of being made fun of.

I can't accept the way I look no matter how much people tell me I'm pretty. When I look at the mirror I see a pretty girl, without that mirror reassurance I feel ugly, which makes me feel intimidated by prettier women. I always compare myself to short girls. I feel short girls are sexier. They are so lucky the can look sexy with big heals, and I always think of how I look like a giraffe (5'10) with heals, which I think is not sexy unless I look like a model, which I don't.

Solution: I need to fix my mouth & nose to feel more confident speaking. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I can talk and look attractive doing it, instead of people commenting on how big my nose is, or that I have braces, or look ugly from the side of my face.

I'm so focused on my appearance, the way I sound or what people think of me, which is preventing me from being myself. I don't have much friends, like I used to. The few friends I have have self esteem issues too. ( how pathetic huh). It's gotten me so depressed! I'm in desperate need for a social life! I want my self esteem back! :(
jperez7 jperez7
18-21, F
Jun 27, 2011