I don't have any friends. Just a lot of guys that want to be pretend to be my friend so they can date me, only to end in them wanting to meet my friends when we date not have any for them to meet. How embarrassing is that? The other day someone asked me who my best friend is...... I don't have one. I feel like I'm missing out on so much and like I'm a loser. I feel like I have to hide the fact that I don't have friends... and people want to know why and there isn't any good reason...just that I'm a big loner/loser with no social skills. Sometimes this really truly makes me want to kill myself because I will never be normal... and I look like such an outsider because I don't have any friends. I am so alone. I am so ashamed.
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You're in the age range of right after high school. I have a lot of acquaintances but a very small circle of friends. Always be yourself, introduce yourself in class in so on. How I met majority of my friends was by introducing myself to whoever sat next to me in class. =] Every day we'd casually have conversations then one day I invited them to hang out and then they invited me to their house. We started sharing stuff about each other and the end is history. Bam a friend, now to get to the best friend level takes a few years. You're at the prime age to meet people go out there and do it! Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions, my inbox is always open !

Hi Violet,

friends, best friends, acquaintances (whatever name you give em) aren't bought or made overnight... its a process... you dont "need" friends but life is most certainly better with them around... especially good friends... there is a distinct line between quality and quantity... you can see a person surrounded by hundreds of people all the time... but what about when he gets diagnosed with terminal illness and isnt fun to be around anymore... do you think these "friends" will still be around... you can spend all your life and have just one good friend... when you find that i would call you a lucky person... my humble and honest advice to you is to join a lot of activities... volunteer... go diving, do sports... just meet new ppl... who knows... one of them might be your BFF

I feel ashamed when people ask me how many friends I have, or what I did on the weekend with my friends, or who my friends are...because I can never reply, or I'm too scared to tell them the truth: that I have no friends. I lack social skills as well, and I feel alone in the world. However, there is no 'normal'. I can't really give advice, because I'm still searching for answers myself, but we just need to find people who understand us, who accept us for who we are. It could take a short amount of time, or a long amount of time, but it will happen. Just have to try and keep a positive mind, and know that you're not literally alone in this world. I hope everything works out for you!

Sighhh. I was just telling a friend on ep about this. For me i just have individual friends who already have friends so its like weird. But i feel the same way. Especially right now in college where everyone has a new group of friends who they are hangin out ith n crap already n I don't lol. How pitiful. But I'm nt going to kill myself over it. You shouldn't either, we're still pretty young, I'm sure we'll find someone sooner or later

I dread getting those kinds of questions as well: "Who is your best friend?" "Where are your hangout spots?" Still haven't figured out a way to deflect that line of questioning, and I've been friendless in the real world since... *whistles*.