I Don't Belong

I always feel uncomfortable in social situations. I feel like I don't belong. Even with family members. I feel like I am ignored. But then I also feel like I do not want to be seen. Very confusing. I get embarrassed very easily. I have anxiety. I just want to relax and enjoy peoples company. Why do I feel so anxious. I feel that I need to protect myself from something. I am lonely. I want to have fun but need someone that enjoys the same things. I am also depressed and all I want to do is enjoy life. I keep searching for answers. I can't even work at the moment. This adds to the isolation. I am hoping to feel better in the future.
Cassandra Cassandra
51-55, F
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Atleast, You are aware that problem is known as social anxiety.
Some even don't know, why they feel not-comfortable. They simply suffer from SA blindly everyday, because they can't discuss their problems. They don't have computer,internet.

Sorry hugs. I have that at school, when exam comes, stand there in front of whole class, that was back than. Now, just writing, it s fine. Going to shop for something, or everyday life itself, no meds for this? I do not take any. Scare to. All side effects, addiction etc.

Yep, I can totally relate. Have you tried CBT ? <br />
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Love Ells

I can genuinely say I relate to you. I feel that when I'm with family members they don't even know who I am? I feel as if I've been forced to grow up to soon and surely I shouldn't feel like this at my age? I understand your loneliness, its the worst feeling a human can contain.

I totally understand how you feel. I feel that way too....and it's so lonely to feel so different from everyone else. I totally avoid situations where I know I'm going to have to speak to people. I WANT more friends - but I can't make new friends because I'm afraid. It's so FRUSTRATING!

Yep, Who am I. - Working on that one. lol<br />
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I can relate to this. I am afraid of talking people on the phone. I rather write someone than talk. I started seeing a therapist about 4 months ago and she has made me realize that people on the other end are not "bad" or "evil". They have fears and anxiety just like all of us do. I also don't need a lot of people... I have my family and my close friends and my boyfriend and that makes me very happy and thankful. I think sometimes you have to look at yourself and realize who you are and what makes you you and once you stop denying you can start living. Sometimes it's nitty gritty work taking your fears apart but other times it helps to see what is on the other side of our fears.

I can relate drifter. I really don't need a lot of people. Just a few close relationships. I am beginning to accept and understand myself more.<br />
Thanks for you comment.

Sometimes I feel like I just want to curl up and hide away with someone special, just inside watching movies and enjoying eachother's company...like I feel no need or desire to ever talk to any other people out there in the world.

I'm so with you on this. Hey, did you know it's the most common anxiety but also one of the most treatable? I have it, and I still fight with it, but I've had group and individual therapy and I'm WAY better now. Don't lose hope - you can get control over this.

Yep Frozen! Me too. I cannot figure it out. I find it hard to relax and just make small talk sometimes. Or someone will say something and I don't know whether to agree with them or give my honest opinion. I really don't like being phony, but giving my opinion can sometimes get me trouble.

you know I am glad I seen this story younger I was like that still am I just never go anywhere to see people, I get all nervous and frozen when people come around .. now I feel fine with kids strange isnt it I try to change but its hard , Thanks for posting