Home Alone!

i have social anxiety , i barely ever go out, its hard i really hate being round people, i do not have a job because of this,but its okay am not defined by a job that i do and i get by just fine on disability benefits......sometimes i get very anxious and really find it hard to relax. i just wish to god i was not consumed by this, its been part of me for too many years of my life. i really feel like its part of me now.i wish sometimes this was not me , but so many things have caused me to be this way, what can i do......x
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3 Responses Apr 11, 2012

I can relate to you!! Yes, you're not alone - I'm glad to also know that there are similar people like me too. I'm kind of a hermit, lol. I like to stay home, and don't feel comfortable in social situations - I think I've done that so much that I'm kind of awkward now in social situations, which makes it even worse. :( Hoping to ride out that storm...

you are not alone i go through this to at times i am fine with the meds i take other times i get to nervous and can,t control it that is when i want to hide i start to sweet around ppl and they laugh at me i hate going through it but its part of my anxiety disorder with ocd. vinny

sad but true

i can totally relate to you, im sorry you have to feel like this, its not right. theres no quick-fix for this, just try to remain strong and be a little selfish and indulge in some things you like. i like to cuddle in bed with hot tea and watch funny movies, its a happy moment for me. i wish you luck and i hope you know youre not alone!