Feeling Lonely

Ever feel lonely at night... I dont know why but I do sometimes and its always at random and these times when that happens I blame myself because I know I could go out and be around people but I choose not too..mostly because I don't know where to go to meet people and all my friends have their own lives/dont talk to me anymore or have moved away so I don't always talk to them all the time. I know Im a nice fun person once someone gets to know me but yet I still sit at home feeling lonely and I hate when this happens because I blame myself and feel really lame :( because I know I have potiental to have the social life I want to have and should have but yet Im lacking it and havent figured out to get it 4 yrs now. I also when I meet people feel kinda lame when they ask me if I hang out with my friends alot and what I like to do.. the sentance always starts out with"I used too.." because I dont wanna lie but bleh this sucks :/
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3 Responses Apr 23, 2012

I know for me, I get down about my single status and lack of social interaction. And when I'm down, when I do finally get an opportunity to go out with people and have fun being in a pit of self loathing makes me very unmotivated to socialize... which in turn just makes things worse. <br />
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If you're anything like me in this way, sometimes you just have to go out even if you don't really want to.

You sound a lot like me! Usually at least once a week there will be a night where I feel really alone and I can't shake the feeling. I could go out and be with people, but I don't feel motivated to go and hang with my friends, so I just keep feeling alone. I totally know what you are saying about feeling really alone and then blaming yourself for it because you don't want to just go and hang with people even though you don't want to be alone. I agree with you, it does suck! But that's what EP is for! At least for me, I will get on here when I'm feeling like that, although sometimes it doesn't help, it's still better than absolutely no communication with anybody at all!

That's good! I'm glad you're feeling better!

sorry to see another in the ranks of our SA army. welcome private.