It's Not Easy

I've been treated for depression and anxiety in the past but I have no doubt that my inability to socialize with others causes me the most distress. When I'm feeling down I really don't wanna talk to anyone. I feel like I have nothing good to add and that I'm gonna end up making a fool out of myself.

Lately I've been thinking about anger alot. When I'm anxious I get alot of andrenaline in my belly. It feels like butterflies and I wonder how much this plays with my emotions? It's like the "flight or flight" system is engaged but it really need not be. When I feel like this I think it's natural for me to be on edge. I think I feel like others are gonna pick on me and I'm trying to protect myself. It's very difficult and confusing when I feel like this. There's alot of anger and alot of guilt. It's not easy.

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I feel your pain friend, I too suffered anxiety for over ten years, however with the right counselling I have almost beaten it. The process has taken two years to date. If you are not improving with your current therapist, look for another until you feel some real improvement. As I mentioned it took 8 years and 4 therapists until I lucked upon someone who has helped me enourmously. It will get easier.

inability to socialize... explain why you say that...

I understand you. I hate that feeling the most. It makes me feel so terrified and awful. I noticed, for me, that it comes up when I feel like I did something wrong... and I get heart palpitations too.