My Mum Will Never Understand

So I've got bad social anxiety and I'm 17.

I can't go out alone otherwise I hear voices saying people are staring at me and talking about me. So yeah long story short, my 4 year old brother has changed his preschool days, he used to go Monday's which was good because then he could get a lift there but now he goes Friday's instead and my mum wants me to take him there. I can't even get on the bus on my own and my brother isn't exactly an angel, he's really naughty, he won't stay still, he'll move around and scream and call people names. I would have an anxiety attack if I took him with me and I told my mum I can't do it, if I could then I would but she called me selfish and said I got to grow up. She know's how bad I am, I'm not using this as an excuse not to take him but I'm not physically or emotionally stable to. I didn't choose to have anxiety, no one does so I don't know why she acts like I want this. I wish I could change.
unknowngirl2012 unknowngirl2012
18-21, F
May 21, 2012