Is It Better To Tell People About Having Anxiety?

I have anxiety. It gets pretty bad, sometimes to the point where I talk myself out of even going out of the house. I get anxious about the weirdest things for example, if people will like me, if there will be a toilet there.. I have to have a strategy to get out of the situation if i no longer want to be there. I get so nervous about seeing people, it will eat at my insides for days if i have a social meeting planned. It's not pleasant but it's who I am. The only people who know this are my mum, dad and bestfriend. My bestfriend only knows because she has it too so I told her after she'd told me. I haven't even told my sister because i'm afraid of her judgement. I've been wondering, is it better to tell people about having anxiety? does it help ease the anxiousness when meeting people because they know the psychological effort you've been through? I don't know. Feel free to tell me your opinions.
I hate being so nervous all the time but i've come to accept that it's who I am and my aim is to try and get over it and start living!
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I don't think it'll help, especially opening up to the narrow minded ones. Because, why? They will see me or you in the same way that most people see people that are afraid of balloons or dogs or something lmao

I told my folks about it and they didn't quite laugh in my face, but they didn't take me seriously. To put it short they don't get what it's like nor will they ever.

ahh bless you i know exactly how you feel as i have suffered with exactly what you have for 20 years now, im having to look for work and its a real bad experience if you have social anxiety disorder, always waking up in the morning and hoping that it will all be better today but it never goes away,,,, dont worry though its the anxiety making us feel like this and that we are not mad people :))

I know how you feel sweetie . . . I am 45 and I have had it all my life . . . but mine is a part of a mental illness called Schitzotypal Personality Disorder or SPD for short . . . they put me on a medication callee Abilify and it's totally changed my life around . . . now . . . if you can believe it . . . I no longer dread social interaction . . . and instead I welcome it . . . and I am so much happier then I have ever been . . . my point being that if you cannot get over it naturally . . . there are great meds. out there to help with such a disorder . . . doesn't matter how you do it . . . as long as you don't waste your life hiding from it . . . there is a world of happiness waiting for you . . . don't miss out . . . good luck my friend . . .

I find telling people I have social anxiety makes me feel tons worse. It's also really awkward cos it's hard to tell what they are thinking...<br />
But telling my best friend turned out ok. Now she doesn't force me to go out with her big group of friends which I had always dreaded.