social anxiety stops be from doing things that i wanna do ...i missed many parties, funerals ,concerts ,job opportunities and it even stops me from doing simple tasks like ordering food from a fast food place and even talking on the phone ..it sucks i hate it ..i think i should go to the doctors and tell them about it .. i feel that its mild but i also dont want to be on medication for it so i try to suck it up and get over it
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Hey Lexyyy, I am well aware of social anxiety issues. I had a friend that was like you I worked with her for 2 years to help her overcome a lot of these issues. You need to have someone to back you up but also to make you do things that bother you. When you finally figure out that they wont hurt you things will be better. The girl I worked with could not even stand being in a room with her classmates, she overcame that and got her ged. She now works in the hospitality industry. She still has a few issues but finds that taking a deep breath then facing the problem at hand works. Good luck, wish you were nearby so I could help you work through this.


I was in your position when I was High School (the result of incessant bullying) it took psychiatric help to get me too look inward at myself and see the best things, not worry about the perceived negatives. Now I'm happily married with 3 kids and a beautiful wife! I would recommend having a talk with a therapist, couldn't hurt right?

i just wanna come over to yr place right now and tell youu everythins gonna be fine from now on cuz im gonna take care of youu baby girl :(

thanks baby ! <3

you dont have to thank me baby ... i wanna take care of youu <3

I have dealt with the same problems. Tell your physician about it, ask him to put you on an anti-anxiety like Paxil, and for panic attacks, get a script for Ativan. Both work well, and if you can, get a good therapist. Meds always work better with these conditions when you get therapy.

thanks ive ben feling better but i should still tell my physician about it .. ill take your advice

Get help. Might be meds or might just be some good counseling so you know how to deal with the feelings. I have had friends that had this that were able to get over it. Seems to hit yougn girls alot. Just from that small note I have a feeling you are a sweet girl and would be very likeable. I love you hair!

i have had this condition i missed so much like you i got on meds so i can at least get out and be a part of life you say you don,t want meds then you can check out vitamins and herbs they help some ppl good luck i know how hard it can be lol.vinny

Your brain got programmed to be that way, you can program it to be a different way. But it takes time, effort, and a known methodology of changing your thought patterns. It is called cognitive behavioral therapy. There are plenty of books out there to help you if you don't have to money for a therapist.

i know exactly how you feel. with my social anxiety, i am comfortable with the familiar- i have a successful career and my worklife is fine, but doing things like going to events where there will be a large crowd, or the daunting thought of dating again, is just overwhelming today and i lock myself in my house.....but i have a very strong desire to do those things that seems impossible to overcome. I have taken meds in the past, but it just made me feel so dead and emotionless.

i to have social anxiety and ocd i use meds if the anxiety gets to bad i would check with a doctor if meds are not for you they have vitamins and herbs they may help you but they did not help me enough good luck vinny