Turn For The Worse.

So lately I've been doing really good with my social anxiety and I thought I had it under control. My doctor finally got me on a good amount of Prozac that helped enough I could go to school every day and be pretty much normal. But Sunday it took a turn for the worse. It got so bad and I can't control myself right now. My depression and anxiety in general is kicking in. I hate not being able to control my emotions. I just feel so hopeless and have no motivation to do absolutely anything. I haven't gone to school all week. I'm getting so behind and I just give up on everything. All I do is let people down and I'm pretty much just a waste of air. I think I'm having a mental break down or something and I really can't take it. I just want to run away and not have to worry about anything. I can't deal with this anymore.
Nirtokitkat Nirtokitkat
13-15, F
Nov 28, 2012