Some People

are born with the genetic tendency to be anxious. I was one of them. I remember being a very shy kid when I was little. The first day of kindergarten I couldn't get off my grandma while crying non-stop. This is fear of separation and an over-reaction to a new environment. And of course, like many others with SAD there was a key event that triggered my anxiety. Sometimes I wish with the advancement of science I could get a new set of genes that control anxiety and fear. But I guess we are far from that stage of science where we can modify genes at will. I can either wait forever for this and accomplish nothing in my life or fight (maybe embrace) my anxiety. The choice is mine but it's also very tempting to just hide in my shell and be miserable as this is what I'm used to now. 8 years of my life gone. How many more years am I going to waste?
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2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

I can relate with your emotions. I'm practically a paranoid person.....My room is my only comfort zone..Whenever I take step out of my room I literally feel nervous and even scared sometimes. I avoid public gatherings and parties...And it really is killing me.

lol...what's up with the previous comment?? :P

what pills? can you give me the name?

I was very anxious before,,,sometimes up to now...

Before I also tried to commit suicide...until last October..

I have a friend...he loves me so much...but everytime I'm with..I'm just telling him how miserable my life and my love story is... he is always there for me... He has been a shoulder for me to cry on... But I never asked if he has problems... I just always tell him mine..

last October he died in a motor accident...

My world crashed... I don't know how to stand for he have carried me when I was so down...

But I have no choice but to stand... If I stop...the world will not stop for me... I have no choice..

I realized how fast I could end my life. I could end it now but after that what will happen???

From then on I want to be strong so that I can save those that I love rather than be weak and wait for someone to love and save me.

If you're down and depressed bounce back... If we stop, the world will not stop for us...the world will continue to move,,so go along because if you don't will be left behind but the world will continue moving.

Happiness is your choice.