Talking On The Internet. Is There Anyone Who Feels The Same?

I feel that alot of people who are shy and some people on here with social anxiety(Including my best friend who is shy but doesn't have social anxiety) feel that it is easier to talk online to people vs. in public. I have the worst anxiety when it comes to talking one on one with someone I dont know in person but I still find it extremely difficult to talk to someone online. If someone new messages me online I will most likely ignore it. I think that they are either just taking to me out of pity or to be mean behind my back(which i know is irrational) and I cant get myself to message back. I hate texting. If i am talking to a friend i would much rather talk in person my anxiety comes out over the internet or texting because I dont know what the other person is thinking, I cant see their facial expressions or here the tone in their voice which makes me nevous about what I am saying. People tend to think im being rude by ignoring them but its just my social anxiety kicking in. Is this just me or do you guys also have this problem?
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maybe its because you dont know what to reply.i always run out of words to say when mostly i will be asking questions.when some of my friends in ep message in big paragraphs i reply in a sentence or some lines.Iam not able to type like them.

I used to find it very easy to talk on the Internet, but now I often find it difficult. I think it's that I automatically assume people are going to be rude to me and try to hurt me. There is this guy who has been messaging me for months, but I can't ever reply to him.

I do have social anxiety problems in real life, too.