I'm 18 And Need Help! Please!

My whole life I have never been able to speak outloud in groups in highschool always stayed after to present and everything.If I had to speak outloud I would get sick.

Well I have been very stressed. Two jobs never enough money, living with my boyfriends family, I have been having something weird happen for a while now. So many thoughts are running in my head that I actually see them and picture them in my head somehow without even thinking. The other day I was pulling into the pump at a gas station and ran into a pole right there in front of me! I looked so dumb I don't know how it happened but I know my brain was picturing thoughts. I can never sleep at night and when I do its always disturbed and I wake up. I'm also sick before bed and when I wake up too. I legit can't speak this to a doctor I'm too embarassed but I can write it down for them. Please someone help me figure out if there's something I could take or do and I have no time for counsling which was recomended before.
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Hey, sounds like you have an over-active subconscious, same as me, that's why you can't focus on things in the present, you're always looking to the past or future this sound about right? My advice would be to read a book called "How to stop worrying and Start Living" by Dale Carnegie, it's an old book so wont be very expensive and trust me, well worth the investment. It basically tells you how to slow down and live life on a daily basis. It has helped me a lot with my anxiety and my insomnia. Also, if you drink a lot of coffee, try to stop as this is the WORST thing for someone with anxiety.
Withdrawals last for about 7 days but you can counter these by eating fruit that contains natural sugar (eg: pineapple) Hope all of this helps, good luck and God bless you,
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i dont drink coffee or anything like that and I dont have time to so sit an read, is there anything i can get prescribed

Oh, you could try kanna, it's a natural antidepressant you can buy online, you can get in capsule or herb form. If you want something prescribed you'll have to see a doctor. The most commonly used treatments are antidepressants such as paxil, or beta blockers which can help relieve symptoms of anxiety.