What Did I Miss?

Since I did not outwardly experience a lot of my life, I'm sure I missed out on many things, especially relationships.

I still haven't conquered this anxiety, and know it affects me to this day. I don't speak up in crowds, I hate using microphones and I've missed golden opportunities in both romance and employment.

I just decided, though, that I will no longer feel sorry for myself or think of myself as a victim. I mean, we all have our demons and some are better at coping than others.

I'm not going to be the life of the party, but I will be the guy holding an interesting conversion off in the corner, or having an intimate talk one-on-one.

Social anxiety is not my only disorder either, and I believe that's true for others. I was not diagnosed until I reached 30, and just knowing what was wrong was a help.

The problem was I could fake it pretty good and none of the disorders were full-fledged. I just had a variation that went unnoticed.

I have no problem admitting to having social anxiety disorder. Sometimes it opens doors.
rickie53 rickie53
46-50, M
1 Response Jan 12, 2013

a social anxiety disorder is also an illness of lost opportunities! You are not the only one!