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My Heart Races

And I can't breath. I can't think straight since I wander how much if an *** I'm making of myself. I can't control my emotions. I try to think of something clever to say but only gibberish comes out. I can hear the person I am talking to laughing inside. I shut down and hide
SlickFX SlickFX 36-40, M 9 Responses Jan 19, 2013

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ill make you come out...wink...but all kidding aside, I do as well. The reason why...I'm an empath. I am a very sensitive to others energy and it overwhelms me.

You're sweet. It really takes someone experiencing it to really understand what you go through

i totally understand....i consider my high schools time, the "lost years" because head down, overwhelmed. But after my first speech class, followed by many others, I thought, OK DEVIL, here I am. Come and get me...but he never did. It's all smoke and mirrors this irrational phobia, ya know? And ultimately, I have a good story. And others need to hear it. I can't do that afraid. I still don't do large, loud groups.

Nail on the head. I opened up a little in my senior year. But before that I was always at the table by myself, didnt interact. the 30 or 45 min lunch was way too long cause after I ate I was like, now what?

cheated is some ways, lucky in others :)

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It's what we deal with right:)

yep :/

How much anxiety do you have. How does it make you feel

scared and like im going to pass out and die
have you had SA all your life?
because ive been having it for 5 years and im hopping it will just go away one day...I doubt it but..

6 years*

As long as I can remember I've had it. I thought it was just cause I was shy. But it was way too overwhelming sometimes. I knew it had to be something else

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It's not a bad thing or a waste of time to reflect upon our most common habits...actions or may lead to interesting discoveries.

The older I got , more I felt that strange feeling, but especially since I moved to USA !! Ppl in USA are much colder and rarely I find ppl that are ok the way I am, and don't judge !!! But I feel your pain


Anxiety is so hard, I have it myself especially with crowds or crowded situations which I avoid if I can, I have had to take medication. You are not alone

Thank you :). The medication does help but the last ten years experiences have helped as well. I still have issues but I am feeling pretty good

SAD really sucks guys.I think we need to understand it first.What are you doing to get over it.

I am making myself get involved. If at work I put myself in uncomfortable situations to make myself adapt to being around others. If out and about i try and do the same thing. It is still difficult but I did notice some improvements over the past

Ive had trouble with this and now i no longer do. Just whatever your feeling, cocentrate on it. Dont run from it. And just
Keep feeling whatever you feel and say stuff in your head like it wont hurt you youll be okay its happened before,
its JUST A FEELING. And itll calm youdown. I used to do this and it worked for me. Got it off youtube. Ever wanna talk just message me sweetheart.
Dont ever feel like you should hide because of anxiety

I can relate, and its sometimes painful.