Why Did It Happen?

I'm a foreigner, It all started in middle school when I was 13 i had friends and everything. The problem I didn't meet them outside school was because my home was far from meeting places and in the country I was in there was no liable transportation. My parents never went out on weekend, we always stayed at home. I started to be obsessed with Tv and watching sports and i became obese, I started acting like the tv. My friends started to leave me and treat me bad. they didn't even try to change me. My grades started to decline and my parents would take away the things I liked. I had a depression because of that. I started to become a strange person. I started to realize that when I went to High school, i was able to improve myself but i also realized that i missed a lot of social things in my life that i can't learn at that age. Im still struggling with this and Im 20 years old and Im still looking for ways to fix the situation.
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You can still learn or experience some of those things...for me I was extremely shy in my teens and then I somehow got married young to a kind of jerk, and basically missed or wasted my 20's....I am 38 and just feel like I am starting to get things together...you are lucky in the way that you are still really young...what sorts of things do you want to do or re-do?

I want to get things together as you did. I want to be able to make friends easily I have a difficulty making friends and approaching people. I always don't know when to talk and how to talk to people for the first time I meet them. I also don't know how to maintain relationships especially with girls

Hi i am trying to make 2013 the year for accomplishing stuff. You will feel better about yourself if you are able to try some new things. Well I think making friends is a skill that can be learned...I only try with people who seem half decent and friendly. Then I just ask them about what they like to do or what they are doing on the weekend etc.Maintaining relationships can be hard...what kind of relationships are you talking about, friendships with girls or romantic relationships?

Hi, Im not able to maintain friendships Im not yet into romantic relationships although I want it. I just feel awkward when I talk to strangers I can't start conversations with strangers.

yeah i don't often start conversations with strangers unless they are super friendly and talkative...what do you think is keeping you from maintaining friendships?

What is keeping me from maintaining relationship is my friends are all busy with their jobs and their girlfriends and I can't go out with them. I always ask them to do activities but they are always busy

i guess it's time to find new ones....as well as maybe some new activities

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