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I've only recently been diagnosed with social anxiety. It happened after a breakdown due to pressure at work. It turns out that my social anxieties became compounded at this time. I took a couple of therapy sessions, and now am working it through on my own. I am learning to overcome this, but I'm not sure that I can ever be rid of SA, but then again, even 'normies' have it sometimes, so that's ok!

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Thanks for the comments everyone. <br />
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idispair, the work related breakdown was due to a performance evaluation by some people who are top notch in my field. To say I was intimidated would be an understatement. I had very bad thoughts running though my head, like they were all out to get me and trip me up, and I also manifested very visible physical symptoms - I was a wreck. It was horrible, but I'm learning from it.

I also was diagnosed with SA about a year ago which was brought upon by years of working a high stress job. I kept ignoring the signs and eventually it got worse to where I had a few minor panic attacks, which is a really strange experience. I think I will overcome it though. I remember who I was before all the stress and I am working on managing and reducing that stress, which in the long run will just make my life easier and more relaxed. I think that will help a lot.<br />
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Good to hear you are doing better. Let me know if there is anything you ever want to talk about.

I had a nervous break down of sorts at the start of the year...a bit work related but most due to my inability to cope with bullies..........I remember being on the train going to work and wanting to scream......everyone is looking at body likes me........heart racing sweaty palms....How come your work caused your nervous breakdown if you mind me asking....I worked in social advocacy....very stressed suicidal people who needed alot of help and support........<br />
I bet you become a stronger, more resiliant , person due to this experience.<br />
chin up<br />

I am glad that you are doing better! I suffer from it also. <br />
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A doctor told me a long time ago if you are in front of a<br />
large group of people , imaginge them naked! That has worked for me. Alsao remember that you are as good as the next person. You will do well. Normal people DO have it. Best of luck

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Yes there are definately situations in which it is worse, but I'm optimistic about managing it. Maybe I won't ever completely overcome it, as it seems to be part of who I am, but I hope to be able to manage it as best I can. I'm glad to hear that you are doing much better!