I Want To Be Normal And Have Great Life.

I can't go to school because I'm scared the teacher will bring attention to me and the other students will call me dumb if I don't understand the question and have a panic attack if they stare at me. My grandma's boyfriend who I consider the father figure in my life just doesn't understand that & says that I will end up like my mother whose an addict without her grade 12, he also wants me to get my first job but the thought of messing up in front of everyone and people getting mad at me frightens me.

My family just doesn't understand that I want to do good in life but I just can't leave my house without being nervous or having a panic attack. They blame my grandma. Everyone blames her.. teachers, family, her boyfriend etc. She is actually the only one the really understands & it pains me to see people blaming her... I just wish I was normal.

I don't really leave the house or have friends anymore and I'm scared that it is gonna to get worse and my life will be terrible if I don't go to school or get a job.

I want to know that they're are people with social anxiety that have great lives that have overcome their fears of interacting with people...
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Same here! Social anxiety has taken over my high school life as well! Similar to you, I can't even ask a question in class without being mortifyingly afraid. I can't even talk to a lot of people because of initimidation or fear! I'm going to therapy now (starting next week to be exact) and I hope it'll help!

I know exactly what you're going through. I had to go to a therapist for my social anxiety. I still have my social anxiety, but I did learn some pretty useful tips from her.

Ok, if you're having trouble getting out of your house, then you'll want to start with something small that you can handle, like your backyard. Once you get used to your backyard, move on to going to the front porch, and then from there to the end of the street and so on.

Also listening to music in your headphones helps A Lot! I'm currently at a college full of people and it can get a bit overwhelming at times, but once I put on my headphones I'm in my own world and nobody else matters.

If you feel a panic attack coming on, don't run away, just give yourself a second to breath deeply and continue. And if you can't continue, that's not a problem either, you can try it again later on.

I hope this helps!

Thank you for your advice. :) Maybe I'll try some of this later!