I'M Not Sure If I Do

I may. I don't know. I can never look people in the eye. I am always looking down at my feet or the ground. I hate having the attention on me. I sit in class and try to shrink away so no one sees me or notices me. I don't talk to people because I know I sound stupid. I always freak out when more then one person is talking or looking at me. I have panic attacks in public places because I feel like everyone is looking and judging me. Maybe I'm just paranoid :/
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18-21, F
1 Response Feb 6, 2013

Geez, I can totally relate to you, I just can't even stare any stranger in the eyes when im in public, even from a distant. Even when I do I feel so uncomfortable like I loose all control over myself. I either get self-conscious and hold fake eye contact or I end up smiling or laughing inappropriately, can't even speak in fear of humiliation I guess. Even I am afraid that my voice sounds weak and akward. There is just something about attention that is so intimidating for us. Funny thing is I'm a guy and a body builder!

I'm glad someone understands. And really? A body builder? Wow