Strange Case?

Now, I'm a dancer and a rather outgoing person.. so you'd never think I'd have SAD. I love to give speeches and I dance on stage. But I can't call Pizza Hut. I can't go into a gas station and pay for gas by myself half the time. I won't leave messages on answering machines for feat that it is not that person's machine and I will be socially judged. I can be one of the major roles in the high-school play (and be told that every one thought you and your friend were the best in the play), but I can't go to the service desk in Wal-Mart by myself. Today, I offered my mom five dollars just to walk into the grocery store with me for ten minutes, if that. I fear one-on-one situations with people I don't know.. and sometimes people I do know... it kind of sucks... but I can't help it.
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I was a dancer at a studio for nine years. The first five years I danced tap and jazz with one year of lyrical as well, and the last four years I danced hip hop with the studio. I don't dance since my car accident anymore though.

This is a strange case indeed but I understand it because im exactly like that,and your a dancer? thats kool I dont have problems giving speeches talking in front of classes but I cant even go up to the cash register at savemart and what kind of dancer are you by the way???

I have had similar experiences. I was a teacher and a medical student at one time and used to fight SAD all the time. But the only way is to fight back, train your mind to think that people are good and trustworthy and that people are not always judging you.