Lunch With Coworkers

I've been dealing with social anxiety for awhile now and haven't felt comfortable being around new people or being out in public very much. Eating in restaurants was something I enjoyed years ago but I couldn't tell you the last time I actually had a meal out.

Fortunately/unfortunately, I recently joined a new department at work and they are fairly sociable. We had a group lunch this week at a busy downtown restaurant. I had some anxious moments -- you know the kind, everyone is looking at you, feeling like you're doing the wrong thing, certain that you're the most boring person at the table -- but overall it was a good experience. I was able to sit next to someone I'm comfortable with and have a more one-on-one conversation. Remembering to breathe also helped. :D

How are you dealing with social anxiety?
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3 Responses Aug 5, 2013

I suck it up go to work, do what I have to do, (daydream whenever I can) go home and be able to breathe freely again without feeling like people are sucking all the air around me.

Like you, baby steps doing those things that bring on the anxiety. Also, situations around work tend to find the situations more often and harder to back out to the safety of isolation.

Thanks for sharing!

I used to hate having lunch with coworkers. I used to take mine outside, even if it was raining. Dx Now I just don't work with others and stay at home all the time where I can eat my lunch comfortably. I'm not sure if that really counts as dealing with it. :P