I've Always Been Shy...

I am just now realizing that it is way more than me being just a quiet and shy girl. Since I was very small I've been afraid of people. When strangers would come over I would hide anywhere I could, going to the doctor, school, stores, anywhere with new people scares me. I have lost jobs because of my fears, good jobs that I regret leaving but when I was there it was just too much for me. My family has never really understood me and why I am this way, so I've tried my best to hide a fear that brings me to tears, makes me sick, uncomfortable and have panic attacks. I am now going to a doctor that I love so much, she is my life saver because she realized that I had more things wrong than I was letting on. Without her being able to read me I would not be on the way to learning how to cope with this.

So the moral of my story is seek help please, if you don't get the help you think you need or deserve then keep looking. Don't accept a doctor who won't listen to your feels too, hearing the symptoms and giving you the meds is only half of it. My life is changing for the better because of this wonderful woman!

Good luck to those in need!

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22-25, F
4 Responses Oct 24, 2008

i beat anxiety long ago.. but be sure it returns to you time to time.. but you know what its like when it returns and you just beat it again easy. just live a healthy life and sleep well.. thats all you need..

I'm going to start seeing a therapist next week for my anxiety. I hope it helps.... :)

I don't know your situation but I don't have insurance and she works with me on payments. I know that the money issue was also stopping me for a long time. If you ever need to talk feel free. Good luck and do the research to find someone to help you. You deserve to LIVE your life!

I soooo wish I could have a doctor right now for my anxiety =/ I know I would be alot better off.... I am happy you do though and it's great you're understanding it better now.