I'm a sophomore in highschool and I have friends that I hangout with all the time. I play sports and make good grades and everything but whenever I meet someone new or talk to an attractive guy my face gets red and I'm not comfortable with them, and when people notice it's really embarrassing. My friends notice and point it out too which make it face gets red when I'm even slightly embarrassed especially when I present or all eyes are on me At home I'm crazy and love to sing and dance and do whatever but I turn quiet when Im in public. I hate being this "goody awkward quiet girl". Even my best friends don't truly know what I'm like. I keep everything bottled up and I'm tired of it. I want to start talking to a guy too I mean I've had boyfriends that I was comfortable with but only because I had been best friends with them before. Is anyone else going through this and can you please help me
Kathleen03 Kathleen03
18-21, F
Oct 1, 2013