When Am I Going to Be Happy

i was given the tag of shy ,not the same as other children and told i was a sickly child,never had a chance to learn any social skills kept from school ,compared to older sister,she was the strong big girl!!!! i was weak and thin and not able.i have struggled and have got married had 3 girls and have got a job but i still see that its me against them,i dont have any mates and never go out ,i am lonley beyond imagination,i get bullied at work and go around apologising for breathing, i suffer depression and severe anxiety i dont get any pleasure for anything.i am at my lowest at the moment and i hate to be a pain and keep going on about me

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You are not alone. Although I am not the best person to go and give advice. I would make sure that you give yourself some time alone everyday just to reflect and try to start thinking positively. Or maybe even do something nice for yourself everyday. Although you suffer from depresssion and anxiety (like myself) I think you also need to boost yourself esteem by reminding yourself that you really are worth it.

Awee If it makes you feel better i dont think it would be a pain to read more.<br />
I think u and I are very much alike....im surrounded by people most of the time (not from freewill, I can a hard time saying no so i say yes to everything, it makes me feel like ****) and i still feel alone.<br />
Im currently in highschool{Gr12} and never really learned any social skills either. If u wanna talk feel free to msg me.

Im sorry you feel so bad. :(<br />
<br />
If ya wanna talk hit me up.