When you walk by a group of people and they start laughing...it's the worst feeling.
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Idk why but when that happens it always makes me wonder if I sat in something or ripped my pants...always something about my pants 😝

Just don't be as awkward as me and I think you'll be alright ☺️

hear hear

I wouldn't sweat it. Social acceptance, cliques / followers / sheep = overrated. You don't need their approval.

Then, laugh back.

I would of cried if I gone by because ur too pretty to handle πŸ’

try to get to a stage where others opinions don't hold that much weight, if they were laughing at you, well they are only putting others down, to make up for their own lack of self confidence, they are trying to take the focus off themselves, so don't worry about their opinions, they have nothing to teach you. I know it still hurts, just remember what it feels like and try never to make others feel that way.

I agree. Sometimes I'll feel like they were laughing at me. Other times I feel that I'm missing out on something fun. Cuz I always am

Only if you let yourself care, it's your choice to feel paranoid. Believe in yourself and believe in who you are! When you do that you won't care what people think of you and then you won't feel like all eyes are on you, it won't matter :) I know it's easier said than done but it's all about practice, training and trust in yourself.

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