I Hate Feeling Anxious

I am so sick and tired of feeling anxious and scared over the silliest things like going to meet a friend.  I have had anxiety  for just over 3 years.  I struggled to do many social things and meeting new people,which is why i have very few friends and i have never had a boyfriend.  i feel like im not living my life 100% and it's makes me feel unhappy sometimes especially knowing that i can't talk to friends or family members about it only a counsellor, which is why alot of the time i feel alone. I been in couselling for 5 months now and it has helped me in more ways than i could of ever imagined but i still continually have days where i am still restricting myself from doing stuff but im working on it by just taking it one day at a time. 
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2 Responses Jul 21, 2007

the fact that u could write this .... n let it out ... onli shows tht u are improving ur interactive skills .... :) ... so u r doin better already ... i gess ... :D ....

Thanx rasarica! i hope that i do get rid of my anxieties completely someday.