I am at a lost for words at the moment. For now I will Just say thank you for this place and the opportunity to speak freely without fear of extreme judgement. It is easier to admit social anxiety here. Then to say to someone in person, Sorry I can not accompany you to the party because the anxiety of being around that many of my peers makes me physically ill.
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Gosh, I just attended a close friend's birthday party two or three weeks back... By the time it was over I just wanted to shiver up in a corner. I couldn't stop being bombarded by all the possible thoughts everyone there could've had of me.

Moreover, my friend had asked me to be the event photographer, so basically everyone there probably had a good look at me and would've been able to have formed an impression of me. Gah...

As hard as it is at least you lasted the whole party. That is something. ; )

Thank you for the affirmation. :)

same here honestly

Like you, I appreciate this site because it allows me to open up free of harsh judgment. I'm really glad this site exists. It's a great opportunity for people to see reality from a far less tilted perspective. This site eliminates unnecessary factors, such as popularity, height, weight, race, appearance, etc., from the picture. That way, people are not cheated for ridiculous reasons.

Even here I think people will still be cheated for ridiculous reasons. Just maybe not as much. I agree with everything else you said, well put. Thank you.

Thank you.

; )

Yes, it's much easier to talk with people that share your problems than say Facebook or people that don't really know!

Yes I made the awful mistake of befriending anyone on Facebook. I've since created a new Facebook account hoping this time will be different. I guess it will be my fault if I end up with the same inappropriate offers. So far I am enjoying it here better. Thank you.


If you tell them, they'd have something to go off of rather than assume the worst. But maybe just say, u don't like crowds, lol
-I feel i need to tell a company why it's not easy for me to go in person to pay, and them calling me doesn't help. Lol

lol You know my parents receive those same calls from those companies.
Usually I say I can not go because I need to watch my brother. Who is special needs and the few friends I have know that so the are quick to understand and not push for me to go. Sorry I am talking so much.
Thank you for the response.