I'm No Longer Afraid!!!!!!!

if you would have seen me exactly one year ago, i probably would have been in my house sleeping and eating my troubles away. i wouldnt go any where unless i had a close friend or family member to go with me. i didn't even go to school, i was so self conciouss. i got locked up for possesion of alcohol and truancy. and when your locked up, it's either open up, or stay in your room for what seems like an eternity. so i got some zoloft for my anxiety, i lost some weight, and had a great time meeting new people. so for those who battle social anxiety, keep your chin up, you will prevail. if you are ever feeling down, give me a ring, i can help you. (304-538-7411) ask for reed.

reedmiley reedmiley
Feb 18, 2009