Last year I had an attack in class and everyone, even the teacher laughed at me. Now I'm really scared of going to class, more than usual
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Some poeple really sucks and you should not pay attention to them.
KTRose - I know what you feel and I agree with you!
Just do your own thing and DON'T FOCUS ON THE ANXIETY, I find that helpful.

It's so sad, really even the teacher? That must be one of the worst teachers in the world!

Yes, even the teacher...

Your teacher sounds like a ****! I'd have reported them

She is... And i did tell the headmaster but i don't think he believed me

I too have social anxiety one of my worst fears is walking into a class room late where everyone stares once I didn't even go to class I got so scared I felt sick but we have just got to say **** them who cares if they laugh and I know it's hard but we just got to say **** them together :3 hope this helped a bit

Thanks a lot. It really helps knowing that somebody understands