I'm 22 years old and I feel like i've wasted alot of my time on unimportant things because of my anxiety and fear.
I wish I could go back in time and do things i really wish to do without all of those fears!

I would make friends and not be so socialy akward,
I would enjoy the outside world and not escape to the computer's world,
I would learn music and play with my friends and not do the things I don't REALLY like,
I would travel and not be stuck at one place,
and the list go on!

What would you do?
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I wish I could have done all those things too, but wishing on the past will not change it. Instead we can focus on the now and work toward making all those things happen. Best regards :), Stay Strong!


ive done just that lol

How? O_O

i do wht you've done, im 22, all i do is work, play games, watch whatever keep occupied. I too wish to travel and do other things but bo one to do them with.

So frustrating..

yep.. what now? xD

We build a machine that can travel in time (:

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