Story of my life. I start school next Tuesday and just signing up was hard. It felt like everyone was looking and judging me based on what I was wearing and how I presented myself. College is where I start making decision about my life and what I want out of it. For right now all I want is a normal life.
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I was bullied trought all my schooling, but in colledge it never happened. Not once. I found people were more serious since it's an education you choose. The respect is there. If you put in the hard work you wiĺl see how every body warm s up :-) I love Colledge and I hope you will to xx

Hi, for some people anxiety runs deep and can be very hard to cope with it takes a lot more than just growing out of it. Everyone is different though, I hope you are able to grow out of it, but I understand how hard it can be. Best wishes for you :)

I used to have huge social anxiety issues but I grew out of them. It is possible to get better! Hugs!

A lot of times, all these things are just insecurities in your head.

No offense but most people are too caught up in their own lives to worry about how others dress.