Okay , I've been at my current job for about 2 months (I work at Starbucks ). I still have social anxiety. I don't really conversate with my co workers as much....I'm the youngest one there. Everyone talks to each other & has fun outgoing personalities & I'm shy, I don't start the convo ...if someone talks to me I will easily respond &. I always smile ....but I do have a low self esteem , I also feel left out a lot . When there's 3 of us I'm always the one not involved in the conversation if I say something sometimes it goes ignored .....so that's why I just keep quiet to avoid embarrassment or being ignored, although I Do talk quiet. Everyone (even customers,) love certain employees & even I look at some of my co workers wishing I had the confident fun personality they did.....I have no friends , and I don't have a lot of family ...I've overcome so much in my life and I'm still trying to figure out who I am. & get over my self-esteem issues. I just hate living like this. I'm afraid of the world. Ashamed of myself. It's like I'm not even my own person because I'm too worried about what everyone else is thinking about me. As a child I was abused by my parents & throughout middle school & high school people where mean and I devolped a low self esteem and anxiety with life expierences, I just don't know how to overcome this.
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I'll admit that although I am shy I don't consider myself to have social anxiety so life is a bit easier for me. I can relate to you, I just started a new job about 3 weeks ago and it can be a little bit hard to create relationships with people at work. I imagine you work with at most 6 other people depending on how big the Starbucks is, so that might make it a little bit harder to get into their circle. I work with around 40 other people so it was easier to find other people that are compatible with me. But there are those little bubbles of people that seem really outgoing but don't really open up to me. I was lucky to work with so many people where I could instantly become friends, but just give it some time until they find out how amazing you are and you'll be in the circle too.
I don't know if you watch Doctor Who, and if you don't you should :p but one of the reasons I like the show so much is because of one of his quotes where he says "In 900 years of time and space and I've never met anyone who wasn't important". Just remember that you are important and just give it time. Sometimes people just need time to realize how cool you really are.

Yeah there's about 15 people at my work. Even then I have a rude co worker so working with her makes it even worse. But thank you . This made me feel better honestly (:

Don't worry we all have that one person at work :p


I am sorry to hear that you are going through things like this and feeling the way you do. I can relate very much to what you have just wrote, I've had many ups and downs with my anxiety. There are many methods you can try to cope with it such as meditating, journaling, deep breathing, exercising etc. I have learned that anxiety needs to be tackled from many different directions. It can be tackled through exposure, cognitive therapy, resolving past traumas, challenging negative thoughts etc. I am still learning to cope and challenge my anxiety, but I have learned to be resilient so far as I have had many ups and downs but nevertheless I keep on trying, because deep down somewhere I have this believe that I can overcome it, its a tiny flare but its there.

I know how you feel and once again please don't feel like you are alone in this, you are not. Please don't feel like a freak, you are not. I know how anxiety hides our true personalities at least thats how i feel about it.

I hope the best for you :).

Step 1: You have already taken it, you have showed bravery and courage by expressing yourself about it, even if online. Some people cannot even do that yet. I was one of them.

Thank you so much , this made me feel better.

Im glad to hear that :). Sometimes I wish i had someone tell me that a long time ago, but how can anyone help me out if i didn't know what my challenge was, what it was called or how to express it. Instead of wishing someone did that for me why not be that person for someone else :). Its a tiny flare this crazy belief of mine that I can overcome anxiety, but I want it to grow stronger because your beliefs about yourself and anxiety are another key in overcoming it.