hi everyone ever since i was little i have always had social anxiety....but it didnt start showing until high school, i tired making friends but i felt awkward because i never knew what to talk about and on the inside i would be panicking and shaking because i so scared and nervous about making friends......im a sophomore in college and im having the same issue i get scared and nervous about making friends and just talking to people in general.... any advice
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Hi maybe this video can help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74Np6UfjtvA , it is long but very eye opening. I recommend it. You are not alone! you are not a freak, there are millions of people like you and me. I feel your pain. I hope your anxiety is mild and can easily be overcome, for some people unfortunately it is not the case. Take Care :)

I am one of the unfortunate, all my life I've suffered from it. I have learned to work around it - I freelance from home and have 'tools' I use when I venture out. You are definitely not alone. Cognitive therapy can help too. Good luck my friend

i try my best to make friends but because of my social anxiety i get so scared and nervous

thanks(:, its like when im near people im so nervous because i think they look at me weird or will think i am weird =[

Yes, I know this feeling, it's only a fear, what others think, but it feels terrible I know.

yeah i try not to.... but i think everyone looks at me the same

It is a thought habit. You have developed a habit of thinking negative when you see people look at you. I am in the process of getting the rid of the habit it takes time however and its easier said then done, but attainable nontheless

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