Flight Or Fight? I Choose Fight From Now On

I love how i can write anything on here and feel like ive expressed myself, because i know even if no one replies somebody has read my post.

Today was one of the hardest days for me, this was the day i stood infront of the uni class and presented my work.  Everyone was nervous presenting.  But my classmates did'nt know that my life was once close to complete isolation and withdrawal from the outside world.  I must of spent at least a year and a half locked up in the house and only venturing out when it was absolutly necessary..  xmas shopping was the scariest thing and the only day i would go into town each year as i knew a shopping in town ment stress, anxiety and paranoia.

So i have pushed myself hard over the last month of starting uni.  I  figure the anxiety i feel each day will eventually go, the same with my inability to make close friends, the defensive attitude im so used to using.  I know i can do this uni and work through the fear, we all have the potential to conquer our fears.  Lifes to short to hide and regret what might have been. 

Roll on next weeks presentation!

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3 Responses Mar 13, 2009

yeah i know what you mean benny, i think people always got to have some problem to identify with and its crazy to think about.. But hey thats life!

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You seem to have come a long way already...I hope it gets easier with each successive presentation. I have always found grades a very motivating factor where class presentations are concerned :) I truly hope the making friends follows soon for you...I know thats where I seem to get stuck...good luck with uni!