Can You Relate to My Social Anxiety?

For as long as I can remember, I have had been very anxious when in social situations. Even things which others would find trivial become incredibly difficult. Going to the shops, going to work, even talking to my best friends. Asking for a drink at a bar or ordering food at a resturant, for example, seems absolutely exhausting and I am constantly on edge even with people I am familiar with. This is basically putting my life on hold and I feel completely detached from society as people perceive me as a loner. The thing is this is not how I view myself at all, this is so frustrating as I feel as if I have no way of communicating with anyone because I am constantly anxious and find myself avoiding these situations because of the anxiety associated with them.

This affects my life to the extent where I can't fully participate in these situations and I find myself gripped by fear. Relationships for this reason become extremely difficult, I will bearly speak or get involved in any activities because of the anxiety. I find I always dwell on the little insignificant things, this overshadows any positives.

I am going to the Doctor on Monday to try and get some help with this, but I am absolutely terrified about it as I've no idea what to expect. I've tried to get help before, but I got the impression I was not being taken seriously.

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3 Responses Aug 18, 2007

I used to feel exactly the same way you did, I always feared social situations for no particular reason, I would always be on edge even with my closest friends. The good news is that I was able to get over it with a combination of therapy and medication. Lexipro took the edge off and made it bearable to be around other people but the therapy was most instrumental in allowing me to reengage with life and relationships. My advice to you is to listen to your doctor and be proactive about your treatment.

Thanks to both of you, Is comforting to hear that I am not the only one in this situation. The worst part of this condition for me is the isolation I have to feel everyday so its very helpful to hear from people with similar experiences.

Boy do I understand THOSE feelings...I've become so bad (I've always been shy) that I've been living with my parents the past decade, barely even leaving the house anymore. I have no real-life relationships aside from with my parents (I'm 30 BTW -_- ), no job experience, never had a boyfriend...even online I have only a few acquaintances and nobody I feel close to. This leads to awful loneliness and depression. I'm seeking disability for this and even communicating online terrifies me. I started therapy last year and my first psychologist was a total wash-out, but my second one seems to be working better. I'm not as depressed but the anxiety is still there. It's amazing how exhausting such simple things as replying to e-mails from people I like is! I do hope you find a good doctor on your first try.