Looking For Good Friends That Share the Same Experience

i have social anxiety disoder. im sad and im misarable. l live most of my life in fear. im very tense  around people. so tense that i jump sometimes if i hear people coming or loud noises. its a sad thing because i am a pretty girl. so im looking for friends that also have sad and who understands. this really hurts. i use to cry alot. but i think i maybe worn out with tears.. so please leave me some messsages if youd like to get to know me and become friends. if you are dealing with sad and at least 25 yrs. of age please leave a message. so we can some how get connected.

diamondprincess01 diamondprincess01
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3 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Hey there. Yeah, I've been coping with s.a.d. for a number of years now. It really only seemed to start when I was in college and I suddenly became very self-conscious and paranoid that everything I did and said was ridiculed by other people. If I was ever in a group and there was even an outside chance that I would become, however temporarily, the centre of attention (such as in school), I would get nauseous to the point of throwing up. I think it's a bit better now, but conversing with people that I don't know really well still takes a lot out of me. I can't 'small talk' with people for more than a minute before I run out things to say and I still have trouble maintaining eye contact and that just makes me feel even more socially awkward...vicious circle. But just know that you aren't alone and not everyone in the world is a social butterfly. There's lots of people like us. Hang in there!

hi diamondprincess, I'm 29 and yeah I have s.a.d. myself. its not as bad as it used to be when I was in my teens. I still have problems talking to people, dread being in crowds.

Hi.. I have the same problem as your but now.. Im getting better.. Because of medication of course.. Hehe..<br />
I think im worst than you before...