Hearing people laugh near you. Not talking because you're afraid that what you say will be judged. Keeping quiet in a conversation with three people. Not being able to go anywhere alone. Staying inside all day. Hating when the teacher asks you a question in class. Eye contact. Eating in front of people. Counting money before you pay. Not leaving voicemails. Paying for things at a shop. Asking for help. Always preparing what to say. Bumping into people you know. Feeling embarrassed all the time. Social Anxiety.
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People like you (us) have a source of their problem from their family relationship. Particularly the parents. They never instilled in you the confidence that you require to get along in this world. You need counselling. Someone to goal direct your relations with your parents. Everything you experience, I've experienced too. It was through counseling that I learned to deal with parental relations. It could be that you have a stern and seemingly unloving father that gave you a fear of authority.Or you may have a over critical mother and father that never gave you a sense of self esteem.

My life was just described

its a every day thing for me.its such a bummer

Yeah, pretty much. :/

Exactly true. Especially for me