The Thing That Constricts...

I took a bus today to do some errands, nothing major. I was in a good head-space and mood, and liked the way I was looking. So I really didn't have anything to stress or worry over. Nevertheless, when I watched the bus approach, the anxiousness started again. I really hate how its an automatic reaction; sometimes the thing impermeates me, especially when I was in my early 20s and up...
What was my point? Oh, yeah, so I got on the bus, and took my seat, and realized that my stomach was tightened, and I wasn't breathing well. logically it didn't make any sense for me to be feeling that way, so I had to talk myself out of it. Which is becoming easier, the more I involve Reason, Awareness, and Kindness. So I sat there, relaxed my stomach, began breathing slower, steadier, and reminded myself I was in no danger. It was just the bus! Silly. I am writing this now not only to remind myself that anxiety can be lessened, but to inform others as well that we do not have to become slave to it. Especially when it makes no sense!
Anxiety and its nervous-making counterparts be damned!!!
Cinderelly Cinderelly
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Aw, ty Abbs... Anxiety is pretty nasty at times when it controls you and decides to ***** you of all confidence and belief in the self. But learning how to handle it is key to overcoming it. (if it can be overcome) Maybe you just like to know where the nearest exit is in case an astonishingly good-looking man passes by? (jk) Sorry though, for your anxiousness. ;)

I'm glad you're coming though your 'panic' ... that's MAJOR! Atta girl! *pats on back*

I have this thing about windows and doors while in public and to a degree even in my home (I have my furniture set up a certain way to accomodate this - to h3ll with feng shui! lol)<br />
<br />
I have to sit closest to and facing any exit (door) ... I cannot have my back to people nor can I have my back to windows or doors. If I can't have all three I will choose to put my back to the people and maintain the door and window in my sight and as close as possible.<br />
<br />
I wonder what this is about? I've never really put a whole LOT of thought into it really ... I don't have panic attacks but if I am unable to make all 3 things happen I become tense and the more things I can't arrange in the manner I need them, the more nervous I become and am all too happy to leave...

I used to sit at the back, partly because I imagined that if people were sitting behind me they would be looking at me...and that made me uncomfortably anxious.<br />
Reading is a great way to forget the anxiety, especially if it’s a really good book and blocks out the physical world.

Good for you! I ride the bus regularly and I had anxiety issues at first-like I usually do when I do something new. Now I have no problem riding the bus-unless I am getting on one that I am not used to, but it's definitely not as bad as it used to be. Doing things regularly helps as well as remembering to take deep breaths!