I don't understand why people with social anxiety have to present stuff in class
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I know, right? I tried to tell my teacher I can't, but he just assumed I'm shy and made me do it anyways.

I read an introvert article where introverts apparently give the most moving speeches. Though it's hard to get up there, you want to do well and not let the class down. Give them something to remember. Trust me, you can do this!! :)

Its a way for teachers to not do any work. Let the students teach

I hate presenting stuff in class, it is cruel and unusual punishment

To get over the social anxiety

I'm in grad school and still have this problem. It doesn't seem to improve..

Lol, class presentations were the bane of my existence. I'd usually go up and talk to the teacher privately at the start of the school year. Looking back, that may have helped to keep me in my shell.

Beta blocker medicine is good for presentations. If you can go to a doctor and tell them that you have this problem, they will usually give you them.

They think it will build confidence because when you get a job, you'll be presenting your ideas to others... but I would talk to your teacher and tell him/her that you're uncomfortable presenting. I hated presenting in high school, I stuttered, my hands shook, it was bad.

I don't get why you took a pic with an iPad

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Why not?

Too big


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