Hi,i'm new to here.what happend to me completely changed me and my life.and never can be the same.i think i have to accept that reality,but it's still hard to deal with it..in my case,that’s from abuse by my parents.having anxiety feelings all the time make me frustrating and exausting...hope everyone will be better.thanks for reading.
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Meditation is good for anxiety, try guided meditation tracks.

hi.yes.that's one of my attempt.thanks.

Abuse in childhood can typically lead to major anxiety issues once adulthood is attained. Same thing with me as father was alcoholic. Very early on I managed to direct and channel anxiety towards goals. It worked for the most part. When not working though it can be very mentally draining with the mind racing and whatnot. I don't medicate to control but from what I hear "the medical world has done wonders with medications to severely mitigate anxiety". I've been hearing that they work wonderfully.

I've been on Lexapro for a number of years and it's been a big help but I think the biggest help has been for someone to talk to and get it off your chest.

i know how it feels even saying good morning or good night to someone can be dreadful. thank god i m coming out of it. one little advice is don't fight with it. let it consume u. it'll go for sure once it teaches u what it meant to. i m sure u 'll come out as a stronger person when it's gone. :)

Thank you for nice advice.don't fight..yes.i agree with that..you must be also strong person:)

remember my words " when it's gone it'll completely change your mind for good. it'll be like u r seeing the world with new eyes. like paradigm shift ".
guts it out :)

I think your right on the money. That's the worst part of it. The conflict. If you don't fight it, there's no conflict.

People like us are right here to say it's ok, you're not alone

Thank you.

I deal with this too and in my case its litterally taken over my life. Im fighting it the same as you but its really hard at times. I hope youre able to find some peace i know its an uphill battle.

Hi.Thank you for letting me know i'm not the only one.i really know how
hard it is.''don't give up untill you can get happiness in your heart''that’s what i'm telling to myself every day.

Have you ever looked into Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? It helped me some, but i never finished the course. Id talk to your counselor about it and see its had some pretty good results with people with SA.

I’ve never heard of that.it works for you?

Yeah it helps to program out the automatic negative thinking associated with SA. Heres more info about it. https://socialanxietyinstitute.org/why-cbt-works-social-anxiety-disorder

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Hope it all works 4 ya...have u been to talk to someone or how are you tackling it??

Hi.thank you.i have a free councellar now.she is terrific and i trust her.still hard to deal with anxiety issues.i'm trying to relax having my fave tea,listening music,walking..i'm doing my best :)

Fair ball to u...glad it's working...do u mind me asking...how did u feel when u thought right I've to talk to somebody?

Just know you are not alone. We all have issues to deal with, you are among people who understand and are willing to listen and help.

Hi.thank you for letting me know i'm not the alone.